The Beginning of the End

And so it begins!

I suppose I could spend some time introducing myself, list some credits, and then attempt a humourous observation about kale or something, but I was so inspired by Katy Perry’s Super Bowl half-time show that I figured I’d just peace out midway through this post and leave all of the heavy lifting to Missy Elliott. So, without further ado:

“Ooh ahh, sock it to me like you want to
I can take it like a pro and you’ll know
Do it long bro with a back stroke
My hormones are jumpin like a disco
I be poppin mats like some Crisco.
And all you gotta say is that Missy go
And when you say it though I want it moved slow.”

See? So entertaining! She really did save the day. And the above quote pretty much describes me anyway, so everyone wins!

If you are genuinely curious about me, my bio is here. I’ll have more up on this site in the coming weeks, including info on my previous projects (like the comedy series GAY NERDS) and future projects (like the all-female reboot of The Godfather), so stay tuned.

And thanks for joining me on this crazy ride.

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