Space Channel: “The Secret Loves of Geeks!”

Secret-Loves-of-Geeks-As I’ve mentioned in the past, I feel very lucky to be included in The Secret Loves of Geeks, a Bedside Press/Dark Horse Comics collection of short stories and comics from a number of very talented creators — including Canadian literary giant (and occasional figure of controversy) Margaret Atwood!

(I continually mention this fact if just to impress my mother. See, Mom? I do things. Real things. I’m a real, big boy writer, and not just some weirdo nerd who gets really excited about spaceships and cartoons. Your legacy is safe.)

Well, last night Space Channel interviewed me as part of a piece on the book! Exciting stuff, and I came across as vaguely human. You can see the video here:

And please don’t forget to pick up a copy of the book at your nearest bookstore, comic shop, or online! Then maybe more people will ask me to contribute to stuff, and I’ll continue to impress my mother.

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