Toronto Star: “How The X-Files Helped Me Fit In.”

I wrote a piece in today’s Toronto Star about The X-Files, the value of television during times of personal crisis, and how the series played a key role in my development as a huge nerd. You can check it out here.

Flare Magazine: “Schitt’s Creek and the Joy of Being Different.”

Tonight, Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek ends its run on CBC and, like most fans of the series, I’m completely devastated by the loss.  The Good Place and Schitt’s Creek ending within months of each other?  And at a time when the world needs to focus on goodness and community over the self?  HELP US, SITCOMS….

This Magazine: “Self-Care is a Sham.”

I hope this message finds you, my dear reader, healthy and safe. The worldwide COVID-19 crisis has reshaped the world around us quickly and thrust us into uncharted territory. Please practice social distancing to help limit the spread of the virus, and follow the advice of health care professionals and your local authorities. Reach out to…

Maclean’s: “Before You Go – Dear Nanny.”

My grandmother’s battle with dementia has been incredibly difficult — a loss of a guiding light in my life, but also the gradual erasure of a cultural history I cherish deeply. I wrote about her – and the profound impact she has had on my life – in the April 2020 edition of Maclean’s Magazine,…

Toronto Star: “The Legacy of the Bruce McArthur Case.”

I wrote a piece in today’s The Toronto Star on the Bruce McArthur serial killer case, and the impact it had on the city’s LGBTQ+ communities, as well as systemic and grass-roots programs that have since been implemented in the hopes of addressing a legacy of neglect by those in power. You can read it…

CBC Radio: “Islands in the Stream.”

I had an opportunity to weigh in on the influx of American streaming platforms in the Canadian marketplace, and how that has impacted the creation of Canadian content on CBC Spark this weekend. What an honour to have an opportunity to visit this Canadian institution and meet host Nora Young! You can find a text version…

This Magazine: “Memories on the Margins.”

I wrote a piece for This Magazine on processing the end of a romantic relationship against the backdrop of a gentrifying city. It acts as a bit of a companion to last month’s clocktower piece for The Toronto Star, but focuses less on the history of the tower and more on my emotional headspace during…

Toronto Star: “I’ll Miss the Old TTC Streetcars.”

With the TTC decommissioning the old CLRV streetcars, I got a bit nostalgic about them and wrote a piece for The Toronto Star. I’ll miss those old lumbering beasts, if just because they were such an important part of Toronto’s iconography (like Honest Ed’s, RIP) and my own childhood memories of navigating the city streets….

Flare Magazine: “Do We Really Need Another Season of You?”

Flare Magazine just ran a piece I wrote about my very complex feelings for the show YOU. Do I enjoy the series, with all of its riveting twists and turns? Yes. Do I have an appreciation for what the cast and crew have crafted? Absolutely. But do I find it to still be problematic in…

Toronto Star: “Meet Me Under the Clock!”

Inspired by a film project I’ve been working on the last little while, I wrote a piece for The Toronto Star on the old clock tower on Yonge Street, and its (rather infamous) role in local queer history. This has been a subject very close to my heart! You can find the article here.