Flare: “A World Without Systemic Injustice.”

I wrote a fun little piece for Flare, rounding up 2020’s biggest television hits and discussing how each grapples with identity and representation — in a year when both subjects have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

And while some series were more content to take an idealistic approach, others dug in their heels and put forward a thesis that true progress will require soul-searching and hard work.

I talk about Schitt’s Creek, and The Queen’s Gambit and Ted Lasso! But also the wonderful Saved By The Bell reboot and Lovecraft Country and I May Destroy You. Truly something for everyone, and on each of the various streaming platforms currently invading your smart TV.

You can check it out here. (And take a deep breath, my friends. 2020 is almost over.)

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