Toronto Star: “On Nina Arsenault.”

I wrote a piece for The Star on playwright, performance artist, journalist, and local LGBTQ+ legend Nina Arsenault — and how she is transforming the recent social media rumours of her death into art.

“Artist Nina Arsenault says she learned of her own death second hand.

“Oh, I heard it was a beautiful funeral,” she laughs. “Basically a friend of mine got in touch with me to tell me what was going on, and of course I was shocked and surprised.”

On February 13, a series of unconfirmed rumours began to spread online that Arsenault, 47, had died under mysterious circumstances. As the social media eulogies began to pile up on Facebook and Twitter, those closest to the artist felt something was off about the news — namely, a lack of official sources — and reached out to Arsenault’s family to learn if she was indeed alive.

And she was.

Check out the rest of the piece here.

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