Flare Magazine: Top TV of the ’10s, This Is Us, Netflix Updates, & More

Alongside my television work and a few stray pieces for some other publications, I’ve recently had the pleasure of working for FLARE, a Canadian lifestyle mag focused on fashion, beauty, celebrity, and current events. And it has been a total blast!

I’ve already linked to my piece on the Game of Thrones finale, but since then I’ve had the pleasure of doing some monthly rundowns of Netflix content, a primer on everyone’s favourite trauma drama This Is Us, and a new piece on some of my top picks for the best television shows of the last ten years.

The publication is loads of fun, and the team I’ve been working with has been really sharp and sorta let me run amok and do my own thing, which I truly, truly appreciate. (Believe it or not, it isn’t always easy to find a home for my quirky gay voice.)

Anyhow, please check out the links below so that FLARE can continue to thrive and I can continue to thrill all of you with my pithy pop culture commentary.

There Can Be No Happy Ending For Game of Thrones (05/17/19)

7 Mindfuck Movies on Netflix Canada That Will Mess You Right Up (08/01/19)

The Best Road Trip Movies on Netflix Canada (08/30/19)

What’s New on Netflix Canada in October (09/19/19)

What’s New on Netflix Canada in November (10/24/19)

This is Us Plot Recap: All Your Questions Answered (10/29/19)

What’s New on Netflix Canada in December (11/21/19)

The 10 Best TV Shows of the Last Decade – That You Can Still Stream (12/11/19)

What’s New on Netflix Canada in January (12/12/19)

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