Flare Magazine: “Do We Really Need Another Season of You?”

Flare Magazine just ran a piece I wrote about my very complex feelings for the show YOU.

Do I enjoy the series, with all of its riveting twists and turns? Yes. Do I have an appreciation for what the cast and crew have crafted? Absolutely. But do I find it to still be problematic in its treatment/glamourization of stalking, even with the best efforts of the creative team? Also, yes.

Chatting with women’s rights advocate, public educator, and stalking survivor Julie Lalonde was also very eye-opening, and provided some excellent context for the discussion. (And for the record: Although the title chosen for the piece questions the need for future seasons, I still think the show has the potential to overcome some of the issues noted. I’m curious to see where they go in the recently-announced season three.)

You can check it out here.


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