Rogers-BSO Script Development Fund!

Woo hoo! Received word today that my half-hour comedy project Ali Knows Best has received the first phase of development funding through the Rogers-BSO Script Development Fund.

So very grateful to have the chance to develop this project, as it has been burning a hole in my hard drive for the last little while (#writerproblems). This funding will allow me to focus on it in a meaningful way, and produce a proper pilot and pitch package so I can take it out into the world and (hopefully) secure a production company or broadcaster.

THE SYNOPSIS: “Using his favourite sitcom as a guide, a 14-year old gay outcast becomes an anonymous self-help guru in his conservative Toronto suburb. Unfortunately, the deeper he gets into his community’s problems, the more he realizes that real life is a helluva lot messier than any TV show.”

Thanks, Rogers & Black Screen Office! (And time to stop procrastinating and write this thing.)

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