Diggstown: Season 4 – October 12th on CBC!

We’re back! The fourth (and final) season of Diggstown premieres October 12th on CBC and CBC Gem!

As I’ve mentioned before, the experience of working on this show has been incredible. I’ve learned so much from creator Floyd Kane, and to get the opportunity to break important stories and build relationships with these creators (including Lynn Coady! Ellen Vanstone! Brenda Greenberg!) was a real honour. And what a cast and crew! Very grateful.

This year, I co-wrote the season’s second episode, “Basil Allen,” with the awesome (and uber talented) Caleigh Bacchus. Excited to see how it all turned out!

In the meantime, please check out the whole series, with season one, two, and three streaming on CBC Gem and the fourth season going live as of the 12th!

While I’m sad to see the story of Marcie Diggs come to a close, this season is so strong and really ends the series on a high note. You won’t be disappointed.

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