Another Life: Season 2 — October 14th on Netflix!

Guess what, my friends?

Not only do we have an official release date for the second season of Another Life (October 14th!), but Netflix went ahead and dropped a shiny new trailer. Check it out below!

Things are looking grim for Niko and the crew of the Salvare. Will they survive and make it back to Earth alive?

I can confirm that the new season will be darker than the last, and fans of Aaron Martin’s Slasher are in for a bit of a horror treat when they get to my episode (2×08, “Like a Rat in a Cage”). In fact, one of the creepiest shots from the trailer belongs to that episode, and I’m nerding out hard:

Entertainment Weekly also just released the news that there will be a Battlestar Galactica reunion on the show this season, with Kate Vernon and Rekha Sharma returning to the fold. Can’t wait to see both of these talented performers back on the screen and playing very different characters.

Ooooooh, I’m excited. October 14th! Netflix! Check it out.

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