JANN: Season 3 — September 27th on CTV!

Yay! It’s finally been announced that the third season of JANN will be premiering on CTV this Monday, September 27th!

And it’s AMAZING.

Oh, boy. What a blast I had working on this show — co-creators Jennica Harper and Leah Gauthier are two of the funniest folks around, and were so welcoming and taught me SO much about writing good, resonant comedy.

And the rest of the crew — Mike McPhaden, Nelu Handa, and Sophie Caird — really helped to establish a warm family vibe in the room, and made me laugh until I wheezed. Wheezed! Multiple times! Good, talented people.

And then of course there’s Jann.

THE Jann Arden. I spent my teen years hugging my knees and fantasizing about marrying the head of my high school’s volleyball team… all the while listening to Living Under June. So to get the opportunity to work alongside this Canadian legend has been a dream come true on many, many fronts.

And she’s the real deal — funny, kind, passionate, and so smart.

I think you folks will really enjoy the third season. Special guests include Bif Naked, Tegan & Sara, and Michael FREAKIN’ Bublé! And there’s even a skunk!

September 27th on CTV! Check it out.

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