Sort Of: Season 2 — November 15th on CBC and December 1st on HBO Max!

Sometimes you get to work on a dream project, and Sort Of has definitely been that for me.

It can be rare to find yourself on a gig where multiple aspects of your identity are seen as relevant to the material of a show, but that was absolutely the case here. And it also doesn’t hurt that the series has been celebrated across the world — earning a Peabody, ending up on numerous end-of-2021 lists, and really just hitting a chord with those of us who exist at the intersection of many, many complicated identities. There is no denying that Sort Of is something special, and I feel so grateful to have been welcomed in by the team and given the opportunity to tell stories.

Created by Bilal Baig (Acha Bacha) and Fab Filippo (Save Me), the award-winning CBC original series SORT OF returns for Season 2: the season of love. Loving your friends, family, work, romantic love and most importantly, self-love. Sabi decides not only are they ready for some uncomplicated romance but they also want everyone to love each other. Unfortunately, with their dad’s unexpected return from Dubai, the Kaneko-Bauers’ struggles as Bessy is released from rehab, and issues at Bar Bük, Sabi is faced with situations and relationships that are anything but simple. 

The second season of Sort Of premieres on CBC and CBC Gem as of November 15th. I wrote the third episode of the season, “Sort Of Broke,” which airs on the 22nd.

Exciting stuff! Check it out. And believe in love!

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