2023 CBC-BIPOC TV & Film Showrunner Catalyst!

Feeling very excited and honoured to be participating in the CBC-BIPOC TV & Film Showrunner Catalyst program, presented with the Canadian Film Centre.

On the program: “Designed through an anti-racist and equity-focused lens, the accelerator program for senior-level writers who identify as Indigenous, Black, or People of Colour provides hands-on and personally tailored on-set experience, additional tools and support systems to help participants become showrunners in the Canadian film and television industry.

This is the second cohort of the program, with my fellow participants being Amanda Joy, Nelu Handa, Shannon Masters, Robina Lord Stafford and Vance Banzo. Last year, the participants were Motion Brathwaite, Ian Iqbal Rashid, and Andrew Burrows-Trotman. What esteemed company!

More on the program here, via Playback.

Continuing to be floored by the incredible work the team at BIPOC TV & Film are doing to build out and safeguard diversity in the Canadian industry. And looking forward to seeing what this program has in store for us!

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