Macy Murdoch: Season 1 – March 23rd on CBC Gem!

In January 2019, I pitched a modern Murdoch Mysteries sequel about a biracial lead, inspired by own complicated ancestry. I partnered with the awesome Jessica Meya and, over the course of three years, we evolved the project together — making it our own.

Last year, we handed the reins over to Jennifer Kassabian and Robina Lord-Stafford, and they brought their spirit to it, carrying it across the finish line. Seeing a project about mixed heritage have its own mixed heritage is poetic. Macy belongs to many. I’m so pleased to see her live.

Congrats to the entire team over at Shaftesbury, Jen & Robina, the Macy Murdoch cast and crew, and the OG Murdoch team. You can watch the series here on CBC Gem.

And much love to Jessica Meya, my partner in crime — past, present, and (hopefully) future. xo

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