Coroner: Season 4 — “True Crime” on CBC!

Coroner Season 4 has been trucking along nicely, with Dr. Jenny Cooper and her team navigating all sorts of new and exciting challenges… and mysterious murders.

Tomorrow my episode “True Crime” of drops. It features… well, true crime, legacies of trauma, and queer love. Pretty on-brand for me. The official synopsis below:

“Jenny pieces together a distinct body clue and realizes she has seen it before; Donovan distances himself from Jenny and Malik as he leans into a support group with his ex.”

Very excited to see the final cut of this bad boy, and the hard work of the whole team. It’s directed by the amazing Liz Farrer, who was a real pleasure to work with. And so much love to the cast, crew, and tremendous writing room (led by the legendary Adriana Maggs).

(Plus, the episode is also part one of a two-parter, with next week’s conclusion written by the awesome Nathalie Younglai and lindsey addawoo.)

8/8:30NT on CBC & CBC Gem.🔥💀 #CoronerCBC

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